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Wedding Photographer Manchester Prices

31 December, 2019

Wedding Photographers in Manchester and the various pricing options. Everyone knows that wedding photography does not come cheap. Not unless you do your own, or get a friend to do it for you. Not the best idea. Wedding photography costs vary considerably depending on many factors, not least the expertise of the photographer and the quality of photography you want for you wedding day memories. It is wise to invest decent money on your wedding day visual memories as they last a lifetime and beyond. One day, your great Grandchildren will be amazed to see your images.

Our Founder was a busy wedding photographer and charged around £600 for a full day shoot. The images on this site are testament to my skills. There are many thoroughly advanced professionals who charge two or three times that fee. And rightly so.

The wedding photographers kit costs £1.000's all in. Some cameras cost £5.000 or more.

Should you love the photography of the photographer in question, that has to really be the deciding factor.

There are several styles of wedding photography and that is your starting point. What style of wedding photography do you want? How much can you pay? That comes second......

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