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05 October, 2019

Brilliant Manchester Wedding Photographers Brilliant Collective. There is a huge amount of choice when choosing between wedding photographers in or around Greater Manchester. Literally hundreds of wedding photographers and not all are equal. Our founder is a retired wedding photographer with 15 years of capturing weddings and loving every minute of it. Due to age and a determination to keep my back strong and trouble free, I reluctantly stopped taking bookings and wound my business down. With 15 years experience in web design and SEO, Google rankings and link-building, I turned my hand to web design, hosting and SEO. I can be found at www.seoshow.co.uk where I build state-of-the-art websites and get them to the top. Having several aged domains, bought when I was competing online with hundreds of other wedding photographers, www.manchesterweddingphotographers.co.uk was the one I really nurtured for obvious reasons. This very streamlined, local, wedding collective accepts applications from truly professional wedding services providers who realise the power of collective PAGE ONE EVERYWHERE advertising for just 75p a day. That's half a click, or less, on your own usual campaigns. Unlimited clicks with us. NO cost clicks. WOW!

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