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Brilliant Wedding Service.

We could be photographers, videographers, caterers, chauffeurs, brilliant live acts, solo or a band. We could be Toastmasters, Beauticians, Bridal Gowns, Planners. You get the idea......50 spots only. Get creative ith your profile or just ask us to do it for you. Wer'e pretty good at this.

Your Address? Your strap-line? Awards? Qualifications? Shout-out?

Share a story of your success. We love good news stories. So do visitors. We know you are busy so if you wish, just rattle it out, so to speak, and we will tidy it up for you with related keyword content included. We will seek your approval (of our tidy-up) before publishing. We want you to be delighted.....

Without wishing to brag, and what advertising isn't, this is a superb opportunity to get your site, and your artistic brilliance, on the 1st page of Google and all major search engines, without the blood, sweat and tears, or the often crippling costs of pay-per-click. Just £1.25 a day. Unlimited clicks. We are pretty obbsessive in our web design and seo super-powers. From here, as of 05/12/2019 this site goes everywhere, right at the top. £1.25 a day. Join us before Xmas and this price is for life. Usual price will be £1.75 from January 1st 2020. Lock in your discount now. No contract. Month to month. Try us out. Get our site stats monthly. Stay with us if delighted. We will be very busy promoting your business in multiple k/w ways.

Shout-Out One:

“First page rankings for you! No pay-per-click costs. We pay that and it costs even us, quite a bit. We are Adwords specialists, still it costs us quite a lot. Developing this site took months to get it perfect. And it is. Google Ads: cost approx: £2 - £4 a click in wedding related keyword searches. No cost with us. Unlimited clicks to your site. At last! You can afford 1st page ads:” Stats sent to all members once a month.

Get your shout-out's ready! Xmas is near!

Shout-Out Two:

“Unlike other wedding directories, we are local only. The Greater Manchester areas. We also limit the number of advertisers in any given category, area, and for full page profiles. Just 10 super-stars in any profession, in any area. North, South, East. West Greater Manchester. First come, first served. We reserve the right to fully refund those whom we have quality doubts about, within 24 hours.”

Our members agree to offer a 2.5% - 10%

Shout-Out Three:

“For every new member advertiser joining we up the Ante' on our Google Adwords campaign condsiderably. Just 4 new fellow wedding specialists on board, we sink £100's into more k/w relative sarches for your business itself and more. We are 1st Page Google maps 4 times for varied k/w's. Top of page one on Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Windows 8 and 10 Devices and voice searches.” 

Fee reduction for contact via this site

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This can be your business page on Page ONE Google, top of page ONE Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa and Windows 8 and 10 Devices
Watch (y)our Video. No Video? Make a 5 minute shorty of your shop, yourself, at work or play. Doesn't have to be brilliant. We can edit....

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"Post any verified review synopsis here with a link to your full review. Google. Yell. Any verified review. Or we can verify with your new reviews."
Mark Stapleton | Director

"All reviews must be verifiable. Here are our growing list. / Google / MEN / Bing.
Facebook / Suggestions?"

Mark Stapleton | Bit of a show-off

"Our first 10 member advertisers receive a 15% refund on our low cost ad: options purchase. Now that's a review!" Act now, while you can...
Mark Stapleton | At your service.....

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Quite fanatical online web dev and seo activist, very experienced wedding photographer, teacher and web development teacher, coming up for air after 15 years battling Google, God bless 'em. Huge thanks to all my clients, Code Nation, Alli A.I, Team Google and Coffee. Built this site solo. Ranked it solo. Single! ; o P

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